Monday, April 27, 2015

Well, here we go!

 If you had told me even 2 years ago that I would want to have a farm of my own I would have told you, that's crazy. But as time has gone on and I've been reading and studying on it, I want a farm. Not for any real profits or any real benefit to the population at large, but really for my own fulfillment and the happiness of my family. But, I'm not content just to farm. I want to farm the old way. Horse powered and free from plastic and modern farming tools. As a living historian I've always viewed the world through that lens. So with that in mind the future goals of our farm include farming pre-1920 with the main everyday focus being 1890-1920 with special days where we go out and do a farming project circa 1850 or 1780 or even 1590! Constantly learning from the past as we go.

 Hope we can keep up with this blog and let you know what's going on. Thanks.


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