Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chicken Experience

So, last year I was given an English Game Cock. My purpose for wanting one is that I am very keen on their place in the old world as a sporting bird and was intending to take the bird to reenactments to give talks on cockfighting in the 18th century. I pick up the bird at a reenactment in Ohio brought to me by my good friend Tony Gerrad (John Baptiste). I was very excited and looking forward to having my little companion at events and at home.

 After some time having the bird, I recently purchased some game hens to accompany my Rooster. I was completely unprepared for how wild and crazy these birds would be. Once they were around my rooster became more aggressive. The chicken enclosure I build for them was immediately escaped they set about roosting in the nearest cedar tree. 

 Eventually the rooster met an end when he attacked our small dog and was killed in the process of trying to shoo him away. One hen is no where to be found and the other hen is in a small enclosure where we can collect her eggs.

 It was one of those lessons learned. Game hens are not a good hen to keep around for collecting eggs unless you have the right facility, which I was completely unprepared for.

 Recently we have decided to get a nicer more tame variety of chickens called "French Maran". Although I am planning to have another game cock for the same purpose I had the first one.

We will post updates on our chicken adventures so stay tuned. 


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